Compete came out with its stats for the state of social networks for January’09. If you look closely at the stats, then its quite interesting to note couple of things:

  • Twitter jumped from 22nd place to 3rd place in terms of monthly visits although UV’s are yet to get stronger.
  • MySpace is loosing numbers like never before. Infact, last month facebook took over its no. 1 spot.
  • Facebook garnered about 1.2 billion monthly visits while MySpace’s MV’s are about 80 million. Talk about the difference, ehh! Wondering what made Facebook pulling it so high since last year it was all about bad PR for them.
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Now for some charts. Click on those charts to have a full view:

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Now check out some more stats in terms of top 3 sites.

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Check out how they have fared in terms of user engagement.

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Truly MySpace is becoming stale and they need to do something different pretty soon. I got news as in they are doing something about their advertising to pull in more cash with hypertargeting but only time will tell how this space evolves.

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