I love this sort of news. Let me give you the reason for it. But first, the big news- Journal reports that Facebook and Nokia are discussing a partnership deal wherein Nokia would embed parts of Facebook into some Nokia phones.

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Now as I mentioned earlier this is quite interesting to note. The reason being Om Malik’s post yesterday about why Facebook’s future lies in mobile and wallah this news about possible handshake between two giants – one being No.1 social network and other being with No.1 mobile player.

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The Journal also reported that Nokia is also comtemplating about starting its own social network or tying-up with Facebook, but come on, it makes no sense if Nokia now goes out of its way to start off something new since this space is already dominated by strong players and its over crowded. So getting eye-balls and mindshare of existing users is quite difficult in the present context. So the smart move would to handshake with existing players like Facebook and MySpace.

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Now. if we talk about integrating social networks in mobile phones, then there is lot of movement in this domain. Including the present context of Facebook & Nokia, Facebook is also working with Palm Inc. and Motorola (apparently) in this domain. Along with these, MySpace and Google is also working towards similar deals with handset makers to provide more access to their users via mobile phones.

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All this makes perfect sense if we consider the number of mobile users accessing social networks. It seems there are about 4 million of them accessing Facebook daily. Now with the growth of mobile phones, especially smartphones like Apple’s iPhone, the BlackBerry Bold and Nokia’s E71 and N96 devices, we are at the cusp of a new era in which the mobile and the wired web converge. This convergence, when married to location-based services, would create a new real-time and highly contextual Internet experience. Recently according to a report, there are 4 billion connections worldwide and it’s expected to grow to 6 billion by 2013, though considering that people use multiple connections. Still the oppurtunity seems huge in the light of such developments.

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What would be interesting is how this space – mobile social networking shapes up! Though I’ve been a bit skeptic about mass adoption of mobile social networking in India especially but surely there won’t be dearth of growth in the space. Also since the social network ad dollars have been far from being bright, so this new avenue would be interesting.

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So what is your take on this? Do you think the possible alliance of Nokia & Facebook would prove beneficial for end users?

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