What do you think Google will suggest you if you type in “I don’t like google” in Google.com. One of two things will happen – one being google will suggest few keywords which works in an algorithm (i.e. you type in few words in the google’s search box and an algorithm finds out the full search likely to be based on what everyone else is searching for) and the other of course the suggested search query.

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It’s an interesting way to find out what people are looking for in the googledom. I like the service and use it quite often. Today I was stumbled with what google suggest gave when I typed in “I don’t like google” – interestingly it was something which obviously GOOG guys won’t want to see. See the screenshot below:

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Now if that’s interesting enough how about this – if you search this the same thing in Google, then the fresh page shows something like this with an ad (most often than not!)

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Is it google ads going wrong or google is saying please don’t hate me, rather try me! BTW if you’re done with that, I was searching it in google chrome itself.

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P.S. One more for your platter, check this from Sillicon Alley.

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