Yesterday’s Gmail’s outage had has been the major talks not only in the valley but more so in international markets like Asia & Europe due to its effects mostly for its business users.

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Most of us use Gmail for free but Google provides a more sophisticated version of Gmail as part of a software bundle that costs $50 annually per user. So for them the outage was a major disaster to say the least (to be exact, the outage began at 09:30 GMT, causing more inconvenience in Europe and Asia than in the United States).

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Now Google is trying to placate those furious business houses by giving back 15 days of free services to businesses, government agencies and other subscribers who pay for an expanded version of the product. The concession is meant to pacify those customers who were cut off from their e-mail accounts on Tuesday for as long as four hours. (ET Reports)

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Though there aren’t any official numbers been put to the damage but looking at things and Google’s response by giving away prompt 15-day credit to business users, we can foresee the damage caused. Nonetheless it would be interesting to see how it spans out and what Google claims to be the actual problem for such an outage of this magnitude.

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