How many times have we talked about when a specific service fails – Twitter with its fail whale and now again Feedburner with is recent outage.

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Issue: FeedBurner stopped serving feeds for about 45 minutes today, starting at approximately 11:15am CST. Most feeds are being served again properly, but we are still working to restore full service. is not currently available and we are also working very hard to restore access to FeedBurner service management and analytics features.

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Feedburner is becoming quite unreliable despite efforts from their team. VentureBeat covers the story with a small snippet from (Google+Feedburner) union.  

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The report also outlines the comments of Dick Costolo, Co-Founder of Feedburner

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We are focused right now on migrating publishers as efficiently as possible, so that we can begin to transition our focus to innovating on the new platform. In the process of migrating two million feeds from the legacy system to the new environment, in my opinion, it is inevitable that there will be challenges, simply because of the complexity involved. It is also the case, however, that the new systems are significant improvements over the legacy systems in many areas, once publishers are through the migration process. As an example, and without going into too many details, the legacy email service had several delivery constraints as it continued to grow dramatically, and the new system is vastly improved with a superior design for growth.

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 So what is the underline statement – HOPE! Hope that things will be fine for publishers who depend on feedburner and hope that feedburner will start working again without any outage.

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As an individual, I love feedburner and the way they have helped us track back door visitors who take our blog/site to their doorstep without physically coming to our site. Infact, with feed syndication, it also helped many bloggers who keep feed readers as one of the milestone to achieve. Though syndication didn’t took off the way bloggers were thinking few years back but surely for early adopters, geeks and pseudo-geekophiles it is the best way to be in touch when you are short of time to go and check the recent updates in your favorite site/blog. Also number of feed readers is an ego-kick for bloggers. But these outages is not helping the cause.

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I know everything will be fine by the time, I write this but my rant is more about the question and possibilities of keeping a phenomenal idea alive and kicking all the time.

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What say fellas? Discuss below…

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