I think I did miss that part. Yes, Facebook did opened up their status API (Application Programming Interface) which did its own rounds of hyped news but partly it did involve something innate but profound in its effect. Wait, I ain’t a codie blogger neither I will claim I know it all. So as a tech-marketer blogger, I’ll present the case in a lucid way i.e. Facebook now allows developers to access core functionalities like status messages, video, notes and develop new and interesting stuff on it. It’s the same analogy how developers made so many cool apps on twitter open API.

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So continuing, Om Malik wrote an interesting piece on the same. He pointed that

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In reality the decision to give broader access to its status application programming interface (API) is a recognition by Facebook that status and presence are core to its future as a real-time web company. Facebook developers I spoke with explained that, by allowing third-party developers access to status, Facebook is hoping to compete with Twitter, which has slowly started to steal developer mindshare away from other platforms..

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Watching this, there were lot of talks about who’s going to kill whom – FB killing twitter, twitter killing FB or Friendfeed doing its own rounds. But the moot point is not the frontend users using it. Yes, it is one side of the story but we cannot forget the backend who spend time on developing such unique and great UI for all of us. Infact, twitter also knows that though FB can turn out to be their competitor in the future but not immediate. Here’s what Biz Stone, co-founder of twitter had to say:

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It seems like great news for developers. No doubt we’ll soon see some very cool applications providing more ways for friends to share status, links, notes, and videos. Lots of folks are saying “hello” to Twitter every day. There is overlap in some aspects of our services but there is also plenty of room for Twitter to grow, evolve, and become relevant to many more lives around the world.

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So with all guns ablaze, I think state of social networks or micro-social networks is yet to be unleashed. It is shifting from getting users mind share by simplifying interactions to the core of it i.e. status messages which forms the inherent human desire to communicate.

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So my two cents are still no further simplifying soc-nets. BTW Twitter is in a state of dichotomy – is it a social network or a platform?

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