If you remember how Apple iPod changed the whole music industry, then this piece from WSJ will surely ring a bell in your head. The topic in question is the music industry’s future. Of course, we all know how many of us go to the nearby stores to buy that awesome cd/dvd of our latest fav artist. Not too many, if I can say so! So what’s going to happen to this industry?

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Now we may talk endlessly about it how to save this industry but this pointer from Terry McBride, CEO of Vancouver-based Nettwerk Music Group, which manages Avril Lavigne, Barenaked Ladies and Sarah MacLachlan among other artists have an interesting say on this. In a speech to college musicians, Mr. McBride said “smart-phone apps will radically change the business”. He said,

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Upcoming smart phones from companies like Research In Motion, maker of the BlackBerry (not to mention Apple iPhone, Nokia N & E series) are likely to create new business models.

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He also added,

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If they (users) can create their own playlist, they are likely to stop buying downloads, since they know they will always be able to retrieve music they want to hear from the cloud, the computer industry term for content and applications stored remotely and accessed over the Internet. “There’s no need to own product“.

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He also anticipates that many music lovers will start to access smart-phone apps like Slacker’s subscription-radio service. For $3.99 a month, Slacker subscribers pick favorite artists or songs that will then be played more frequently on a customized radio station.

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This makes an interesting note there since the core product has lost its value along the way and now the need of the hour is its distribution. It’s long being predicted that the smart phones will replace the PC as the control center for media and looking at the ways apps (especially Apple iPhone apps) are selling amongst the users, sooner or later big music labels should also join the bandwagon to monetize their brands.

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Image courtesy: Lee Bennett

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