Read an interesting article by Brett McLaughlin from O’Reilly Blog on brains, advertising and state of things. OK, let me put a different way to the blog post version 1.0 (I think Mr. O’Reilly will like it this way). So what we have here is a cord connected between how our brains works specifically how we see, retain and interpret information of a commercial.

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He says,

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Science has long told us that the brain is largely indiscriminate in terms of forming and retaining information (what we tend to simply call “memory.”)…

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True. Accept! What’s more interesting to note is this:

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…the ad guys are smart (referring to Super Bowl ads). They payed attention to all the available data, which essentially says it’s better to trick the brain than to appeal to it rationally.

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Trick the brain…! Duh, if that’s the case then slowly & steadily we are getting trained consiously and subconsiously to ingore those pesky and non-contextual ads that surface everywhere, even online (sometimes though). So tricking consumers brands isn’t much of a viable option. 

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But the silver lining is the way this whole ads thing – both online & mainstream media is evolving, primarily because of the ways consumers are taking control of what they see and spread. But treadmill is shifting towards online since it’s not intrusive most of the times.

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How about these stats – Indian traditional advertising market stands at Rs. 20,000 Cr (i.e. US$ 4 Bn) and online at Rs. 500 Cr (i.e. US$ 100 Mn) roughly and according to recent stats they are growing at 15% and 50% Y-o-Y respectively which with some roughly calculations shows that online will outpace traditional by year 2022 approximately. Now that’s a lot of time you may say but the ways people Marketers are converting their analog dollars to digital pennies, its quite evident that we in for a roller coaster ride.

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What do you think? Comments on this…. 

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