I saw these figures quite late but it seems that 63% of internet users worldwide use it to research a product or service before buying it. Isn’t it what I’ve been talking few months back i.e. Online reputation management.

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Here are the stats below:

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eMarketer reported this sometime back about the recent stats on various online activites world in 2008. Now to get back into the numbers, about 27,500+ users were sampled within age group of 18-55. Now isn’t that the target market for almost all the products/services we find around us.

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So the pit-stop is, they (referring to users) use internet to find you (referring to companies, brands or services) before buying.

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As I wrote sometime back, every day, millions of your customers are online. Someone, somewhere is discussing something important about your brand, business or related areas which might be much concern to your firm. It can be your employees, your customers, your competitors or any one from your industry. They might be talking about you or building buzz around you or just criticizing, complaining to others about your brand, service or your hyped new product launch. It’s a known fact that a great brand takes time, money and manpower to build but it can get tarnished by these bad mouthing. So monitoring your brand online becomes much important in today’s hyperconnected world.

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Now we have good amount of data to substantiate i.e. 63% online users have claimed that they do use internet to get hold of reviews about products/services.

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So what are you doing about it? Have you recently as users done the same or as company executive taken measures to tackle it? Would love to hear from you!

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