After the post where I mentioned about Yahoo’s Search Marketing Terms & Conditions being a bit messy, here comes the clarifications from Yahoo’s search marketing blog. The post was dubbed as “The truth about account optimizations” which tries to clarify the misunderstandings that the blogger fraternity had. To take you through of what happened if you’re all new to this discussion, then it would be interesting. It started on January 5th, 2009 when Yahoo emailed notifications about their updated T&C to Sponsored Search advertisers. Then the bloggers took notice for the first time about their account optimization. But in reality, it was rolled way back in June, 2008 which I even mentioned in the end of my post.

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Now, let me take you through those clarifications that Yahoo made sometime back.

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According to the Yahoo SM Blog’s post:

  • Since June 2008, they had optimized approximately 2% of all active accounts and created approximately 20,000 new ads.
  • The acceptance rate of changes we have made is roughly 80%, which indicates the changes have been helpful.
  • The time needed to make optimization changes to accounts has been reduced from approximately ten days to one day.
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Yahoo also clarified what this measure means but more importantly what this measure of account optimization doesn’t mean.

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Some of the key points from what it means:

  • It’s designed to make small- to mid-sized advertisers more successful.
  • It is intended to help raise the performance of accounts that are experiencing issues like low-quality quality scores, low lead volume or low click-through rates.
  • It is transparent. Advertisers are notified of any changes within 24 hours (usually, fewer than eight hours). Read more here
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Some of the key points from what it doesn’t mean:

  • It is not designed for larger advertisers who actively manage their accounts.
  • It is not mandatory.
  • It does not change an account’s daily spending limit, doesn’t alter existing bids or delete any ads or keywords in an account. Read more here
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So what does all this mean? For me, it seems fine till now. But the claim that they rose up seeing the growing resentment in the blogosphere is totally outlandish as suggested in one of the comments. It’s true that Yahoo didn’t meant any harm but the people who rose their voices over the blogosphere were Yahoo advertisers and they were not happy about how account optimization shaped up.

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Finally, I feel that the way Yahoo’s T&C shaped up is quite well intentioned but execution lacked conversational touch. So I believe Yahoo should step up their gears to join in the conversation and make such transition as smooth as possible. Till then some respite for Yahoo’s Search Marketing Advertisers.

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