Do you remember Yahoo’s social network *SpotM*? If you don’t then some background would be helpful – Yahoo India launched a social network site for the age bracket 16-24 in an attempt to capture the growing market in India. Dubbed as SpotM, the new social network attempted to being college-aged close to going to college together in one space. Yeah, that was the very idea. It was launched on 19th September, 2008. After that no news as such other than the launch details over blogs and other related sites.

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So what happened to SpotM? I could not find any related information on the same. Probing deeper I got hold of some interesting results from whois search though. So let me paint a picture first:

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Click to enlarge

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Some of the interesting stats from whois search are:

  • It’s rank stands at #8,624,861 – Do I have to mention even what does that mean!!!
  • The related sites shows some totally anonymous unrelated websites which in no way similar to SpotM’s site description.
  • Interesting registry expiry details i.e. on 2010!!!
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BTW check the whois stats for other major Indian as well as International social network sites here – Orkut, BigAdda, FaceBook.

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So what should be the final verdict? Though it’s being said during the launch that it’s a private beta launch but when the SocNets are spreading like wildfire, so does it makes sense to invest an amount on nearly 5 months of private beta version or should we say that it has headed towards private deadpool?

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What’s your take on this?

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