I read this piece from Mark Earls

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One thing stand out to be quite definitive from the excerpt:

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…that the old ideas about communication involving the sending and receiving of messages, transmitted down channels/media/tubes or whatever are just plain wrong in trying to think about the new world.

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Russel Davies touches on the same note here

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“the assumptions about how advertising works we’re baking into our media tools are wrong. And so we’re making bad media tools. Things that will piss people off. I think that’s largely because while Google and the rest of the clickonit scientists were relentlessly implementing a mechanistic, message and relevance based model of how advertising works the thoughtful bits of the advertising business (admittedly not large in number) had their head in the sand denying the existence of anything digital”

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So to touch base from my end, I would like to add just one point. Correct me if I’m wrong in stating but Social Media has always been about people and less about technology.

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Please add more if it interests you in the comments below…

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