This has been one of the most horrific week ever for Indian capital markets as well as corporate governance. I’ll follow up to it in the trailing post. So I’ll again get back to my Weekly Wrapup posts. These posts are aggregation of whatever has happened for the past week or so between 4th – 10th January, 2009 in Web, Marketing, Technology and few more interesting stuff that surfaced in the past week. As mentioned earlier, I’ll be posting a weekly wrapup of whatever is happening in Web, Technology, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media and many more interesting stuff.

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So this week’s happenings are as follows:

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1. Satyam commits Fraud (Read More here & here) Also see the letter sent from Ramalinga Raju to everybody.

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2. MacWorld 2009: Didn’t deliver as much as expected. Also Steve Jobs didn’t appear in the event due to his irregular health issues. Read more here.

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3. CES 2009: Consumer electronic show is going on from 8th-11th Jan ’09. The International CES is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. It features 2700 exhibitors along many other manufacturers too. Check out the roundup here.

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4. Twitter Hacked: 33 Twitter accounts had been “hacked” including prominent Twitter-ers like Rick Sanchez and Barack Obama. But now things are under control. But this really puts a question mark on security issues.

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5. TechCrunch “Crunchies 2008 Award” Winners: TechCrunch presents “Crunchies” which celebrates the past year in tech, highlighting some of 2008’s best startups, founders, innovations, and gadgets.

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6. Face of Facebook Report for Q4: Quite interesting stats for Indian Social Media Marketers

  • 1 million people on Facebook already
  • The number is rising fast (need validation with numbers though!)
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7. Windows 7 launch: Steve Ballmer, who took over from Bill Gates as Microsoft’s chief executive last summer, announced that Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 7, would be available for the public to download and test out this week.

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Even I’m awaiting my preview of Windows 7 beta. Microsoft PR folks after contacting me have confirmed my dispatch of the the 64-bit DVD by courier. So next week will be browsing to find out more.

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