In times when old media especially the publication businesses like newspapers are pushing content through online channel and in the process figure out how to make money, one publication is taking a drastically different approach: web to print.

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The Printed Blog, a startup founded and funded by former business productivity software entrepreneur Joshua Karp, is launching a twice-daily free print newspaper in cities across the country aggregating localized blog posts. That reminds me about one of the post by Seth Godin.

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Joshua hopes that the hyperlocal content will attract local advertisers who can spend less to reach out to their target audience.  Ads are relatively cheap in comparison ($15-$25) and the paper has already lined up a number of businesses for its debut. It will also host classified ads.

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It’s sort of a Current TV model for print news.

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This will be interesting to see how it fares in the recent economic climate as it has to try keeping its production cost low keeping in mind the small scale that it will garner initially. But with old media struggling to stay afloat, any experimentation with new business models is better than doing nothing.

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via Wired Epicenter

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