In a recent survey conducted online among the members of MENG (Marketing Executive Networking Group), an interesting result surfaced. Infact, all 1,800+ active members of MENG were emailed on November 15, 2008 and asked to complete an online survey. The Survey was closed on December 2, 2008 with a total of 643 responses (representing a 36% response rate) via Paul Dunay.

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One of the more interesting highlights was when MENG executives were asked what industry buzz words, if any, they were most tired of hearing Web 2.0 was cited most frequently.

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In addition, many terms related to Web 2.0 were also frequently mentioned (Social networking, social media, blogging, etc.).

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So does this mean, the aura around Web 2.0 and related terms is slowly and steadily making its exit from Marketer’s mind? What do you think….?

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