According to I-Cube 2008, a survey jointly undertaken by IMRB International and IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India), there were 3.3 million active internet users in rural India as on March 2008.

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I-Cube which traditionally mapped internet users in urban India has for the first time covered rural India in the survey and the results seems to be encouraging, especially since 5.5 million people actually claimed that they used internet and some point in time.

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Some more Stats

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According to the Survey, in rural India, the proportion of population, literacy and internet penetration appears to be as shown in the illustration below:

  • Total Indian Population – 818 Mn
  • Rural Population – 568 Mn
  • Rural Literate Population – 368 Mn
  • Rural English Speaking Population – 63 Mn
  • Rural Computer Literates – 15.1 Mn
  • Rural Claimed internet users – 5.5 Mn
  • Rural Active internet users – 3.3 Mn
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Some of the key takeways:

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Since the survey made a clear case of content and applications in local languages in order to ensure higher and faster adoption of internet in rural India. Also “the rural market holds tremendous potential for any media. However, for Internet to flourish in rural India, the applications need to be in vernacular languages, preferably with Text to Speech capabilities. It would be better if visual symbols, graphics and rich media applications are used. The key question is whether we have the right infrastructure to support these applications” added by Mr. Mohan Krishnan, Senior Vice President BIRD, a specialized unit of IMRB International.

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Also for all these things to fall in place, the ground level activities by Government & NGO’s has to increase.

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