Lately I’ve started using Posterous. It’s a nice, clean and simple platfrom for my daily musings & rants. Though I haven’t been much active lately but I intend to do so in 2009. But this post is not one of my personal musings. Want I want to point out is dead simple. I feel Posterous is heading for a bright future. Ok, I’ll get to that in a short while. First, those who are totally new to this great service, let me first introduce Posterous.

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It is a Y-Combinator startup. They also just raised a second angel round of financing – $725,000 from XG Ventures and a whole bevy of high profile individuals. It’s one of the simplest blogging platform till date. Yes, it’s even easier to use than Tumblr, which has a cult-following of users who like to post lots of pictures and short messages.

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Here’s how you create a blog on Posterous – just email something to You’re done.

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Some of the features which I liked about Posterous which stands out are:

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1. Instant audio podcast

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Your RSS feed at doubles as an iTunes-ready podcast feed. Just attach an mp3 to an email and you’re good to go. Link to itpc:// and let your friends subscribe in iTunes directly. [+1 for this awesome service]

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2. Group sites

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You can add your friends or family’s email addresses to any Posterous site you control, and they can then email stuff in too. It’s useful for families, sports teams, etc. to share photos and video. Once you’ve added those emails, all they have to do to post is send whatever they want to publish to No registration required. An example is here, and see the image below.

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3. Repost feature

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You can also repost all the stuff you email in to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr or wherever.

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4. Music Attachments turned into cool Web MP3 Player

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Whenever you send an email with music attachments, it will be changed into a web MP3 player so that your readers can listen to it right there in their web browsers.

5. Change your linked url into cool stuff:

Whenever you sent an email with url links, Posterous changes it into really neat stuff. For example, if you paste a YouTube link, like a video of Kansas playing Carry On Wayward Son: It automatically turns it into a YouTube embeded player for your new post.

There are some more new features that are being added every now & then in Posterous. Few days back, it added Google analytics too!

To know more about Posterous, visit their FAQ section.

With all this, I believe Posterous is a neat platfrom, at least for primers. It provides lot of cool features and easy usability which most first time users would like to see. Though it surely cannot compare Posterous with larger blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal etc but surely it’s heading towards a brighter future with rich content blogging.

P.S. This article is a non-paid posting. Infact, I like their services and new addons/features a lot.

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