See this interesting article on how Indian online industry has shaped during 2008 and where it’s going in 2009 and henceforth. I like to call it as Nine minds speaking broadly about 5 key trends on Indian online industry. A must read if you’re interested in how indian online industry is evolving and where it’s headed to.

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The thought leaders were Sanjeev Bikhchandani (founder & CEO of Info Edge India who owns, Murugavel janakiraman (founder & CEO of Consim Info – BharatMatrimony Group), Deep Kalra (Founder & CEO of, Dinesh Agarwal (founder & CEO of, Mahesh Murthy (Founder & CEO of Pinstorm), Sunil Rajshekar (President & COO, Times Internet Ltd –, Harminder Kaur (Chief Strategy Office, Ignitee India), Mrutunjay Mishra (JuxtConsult), Alok Mittal (Managing Director, Canaan Partners).

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Some of the key pointers of the article were:

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1. Economic Recession/Meltdown

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The global economic slowdown has affected the industry in both good and bad ways. Good because many advertisers are looking at online advertising as advertising on other traditional media are costlier. However, the meltdown also had an adverse effect as many new ideas and concepts did not get funded.

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2. Mobile Internet

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The number of mobile broadband connections globally has risen ten-fold in the past year. The mobile user base in India has grown to over 250 million and this segment is bound to give an impetus to m-commerce.

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3. Rise of Social Media

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This was the year that businesses saw the value that social networking websites could bring to the table. Innovators across the globe — from Google and Salesforce to Facebook — entered into strategic partnerships to offer applications on the web in order to meet the business needs of users.

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4. Growth versus Internet Penetration

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With 81 million internet users, India was recently ranked fourth among the top 10 nations in the world in terms of internet users. However, we rank a low 153 in terms of number of IP addresses per capita, with 2.3 unique IPs per thousand people.

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5. Internet as a medium for brand building

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Internet is still looked at as a medium for direct marketing and lead generation, whereas the truth is that brand-building can happen on the net as well. Around 70 to 80 per cent of a brand’s audience can be reached on internet and hence it is on to advertisers, agencies and publishers to churn out innovative ways to address the users effectively. Only then we can hope that the medium can grow faster.

So all in all, it’s a great read and it truly shows how this Indian online industry is evolving.

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