1st day of the year 2009, I did some wordling and found some interesting cues for my blog. Though feeding wordle with a link processes only the top page of any site but the image it captured somehow portrays what I’ve been talking about in 2008. Check it out here:

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So to put it in an interesting way, let me re-group those top words in a sentence and see if I can make sense out of it or not:


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Makes senses ehh! 🙂 Infact, you must be knowing that I primarily concentrated on these three things i.e. Brands, Social Media & Twitter. Hope the trend continues in 2009 even. BTW if this interests you, we are into “The year of the Ox” according to Chinese Calendar which is also known by its formal name of Yi Chou, 己丑.

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BTW, any resolutions for this 2009?

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So with that spirit, hope year 2009 brings much joy, peace and happiness to all of us. Till then be safe and keeping rocking!

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And thanks for sticking around for so long 🙂

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