Interesting turn of events. It seems BJP candidature for upcoming Prime Ministerial election Mr. LK Advani is on Twitter, apparently!

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Few things come on mind seeing this interesting development:

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1. Mr. Advani on twitter – Is it fake or Real? Though initially it has been cleared from the profile saying “We are his (Mr. Advani’s) support group“.

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2. Seeing this whole event of Mr. Advani’s online presense growing day by day in form of blog site, online ads, so it puts a big question mark why can’t he be on twitter? Though it’s not needed to for him to be on twitter since this PR campaign can be handled by other teams.

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3. Truly, Mr. Advani’s recent online presense is on the same line of recently elected US president Barack Obama. But how much will it gain traction is debatable? Read more here

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4. Since slowly & steadily, this move, though not initiated from Mr. Advani’s team is gaining limelight, they should swoop in and grab the opportunity to plug in a sidebar showcasing the twitter page or else authenticate with new twitter profile.

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So what is your take on this new development? Will it work in the present context?

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Though I feel, this is not the end of Mr. Advani’s online story. More are yet to come. Till then check this page

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Update: The Twitter account has been suspended as on 15th February 2009.

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