Everyone is talking about Twitter and few like me even for friendfeed as the future of social networking and more. Reasons are many but will hold back for some other post. This post will just show the state of niche social networks through graphs (Courtesy ComScore).

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Check out the Flickr Link

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Some more Data:

  • Ning has 5,009,832 unique visitors monthly vis-a-vis Twitter having 4,438,149. Friendfeed has just 713,040 unique visitors in a month.
  • Friendfeed has increased ~3170% from last year in the related category.
  • Ning have more or less increased at the same pace as Twitter at ~731% Y-o-Y.
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Now some history dossier:

  • Ning was founded in October 2005 as a platform for people to create their own social networks.
  • Twitter was founded in March 2006.
  • Friendfeed was launched in October 2007.
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So with all stats and data on board, do you think Twitter with all that razzmatazz about being the next social network is growing fast enough?

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With the above question in mind, I think this link will be of much importance since most of these Web 2.0 start ups are still unprofitable and lack viable revenue model till now. For example, twitter outside the venture capital have not garnered real money till now. Though, all of us expect they will do so in 2009 but how and when is debatable!

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