Yes, you got it right – Twitter’s advertising network, but not affiliated to twitter. It’s a new service called the The Branch going to be launched in coming February, 2009 in an attempt to monetize the cradle of conversations (if you want to say it in that ways) i.e TWITTER.

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The site says:

buy tramadol without prescription might not be able to advertise on twitter but you can advertise on the sites and tools that twitter used frequently.

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In makes sense since there are almost 400+ twitter allied services hovering in the web which works with the help from twitter API and majority are advert supported. So it makes sense to have one entity manage the entire chain. But initial take off would be bit difficult since to pull every one together under one common roof is hell of a task. But they have done some neaty homework and confirmed the partnerships with twitpic and twitter gallery.

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How it works: Just like any ad network – the Branch will find advertisers, place the adverts on the various twitter apps and share the revenue with the twitter app owners.

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Founded by: James Avery of Zerk Media

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Slabbed Ad Rates: $2200 a month with a discount of $200 if you are willing to enter a 3 month contract.

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(via TheNextWeb)

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