Good Friend, Nimesh Shah who runs Social Media Agency called WindChimes Communications has done a small survey on Indian Social Media Landscape. Infact, the truth is that there is absolute dearth of good stats and analysis on Indian Social Media Landscape. More so, we are still confused about how many Indians inhabit online space.

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So the small survey (in terms of scale) comes as a respite to Indian Social Media Mavens who wants to practice as well start off with Social Media.

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Some of the objectives of the research were:

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The sample size of the survey was restricted to Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Infact, last week when I did some analysis on Indian SocNets, Blogging & Social Media; I was surprised to see major cluster arising from these 3 cities primarily.

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So total number of respondents were 105 (Mumbai-40, Delhi- 40 & Bangalore- 25) with Male-Female ratio being 4:3 between age groups 18-24 yrs and 25-35 yrs with 40 & 65 respondents respectively.

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Below are the outcomes of the research in graphical format:-

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1. Significance of Social Media in current scenario

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2. Seeking new products or services information

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3. Medium of gathering news information

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4. Mediums used to seek latest trends

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Note: To find more about the research, visit WindChimes Blog for part 1 & part 2.

My Comments: Though the number of respondents are far from being the representation of 1.2 billion Indians among which only 4-5% are online but surely its a right step forward. I believe in 2009, we will see more & more stats on the same. Till then, I think charts 2 & 3 speaks volume on what’s in store for us in the future and I see these stats only rising along with time. BTW you can also see my comments on Nimesh’s blog here.

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