Pretty weird name for a post, huh! Infact while I was writing this post, I kept on reminding myself that people who read my blog or those are have been following my blog religiously are at the end of the day *Humans* and not just bots. We all talk, shout, discuss, debate, evangelize or at the most enthusiastically spread the word about the new kid on the block i.e. Social Media which can, have or may change businesses and make it more human by the whole engagement, interaction, collaboration blah blah! But have we given it a thought that we can do much more than that with these newer tools, technologies? How about improving lives or for that matter making our culture & society more tolerant & human and less like walking talking robots. Yes, I think social media can make this world a better place to live in. Skeptics can argue on my last point, but don’t you think the term “Global Village” can be truly realized by recent collaborative social networks in far better and effective way?

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Infact, I’ve less doubts on that since personally I’ve seen how my online interactions has trickled down to my offline real life. And that too for all good reasons.

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With this, I want to bring forward a simple example that I read sometime back. David Griner who writes this interesting blog “The Social Path” has got some great examples wherein social media have been the change agent in terms of improving the lives of many.

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So 10 ways social media helped improve lives are:

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1. Gamers and developers raise $1 million for children’s hospitals.
2. Social networking helps find potential kidney donors for a blogger’s daughter.
3. Kiva users lend $36 million to low-income entrepreneurs in 42 countries.
4. Vancouver Twitter users meet up to help the homeless stay warm.
5. Last-minute Tweetup gets 100 people to donate blood.
6. Tweetsgiving racks up $11,000+ in 48 hours to expand a school in Tanzania.
7. SocialVibe raises $250K by making corporate sponsorship cool.
8. Six Degrees and Everyday Hero help people generate millions for their favorite nonprofits.
9. Facebook Causes goes mainstream, revolutionizing how nonprofits build support.
10. Disney donates a children’s book for every comment on a blog

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After going through the whole list (read the whole text here), I feel that in a world where we all are using social tools like Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook etc to connect to people across the boundaries, then why can’t we use these mass collaborative tools to help each other or for that matter the society, culture in our own ways to make this world a better place to live in. I’m sure we can do this!

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So what do you think? Is it possible to make this world a place where people are concerned about others? Do you think that such social tools can help us much for the cause.

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