WSJ reports this. Even Kara Swisher had speculated on this previously!

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TechMeme blasted this news with blogosphere going abuzz about this new development from Yahoo! stable which was long overdue.

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Carol Bartz was the former chief executive of software company Autodesk Inc. But according to the press room page of AutoDesk, Carol Bartz was the executive chairman of the board of Autodesk, Inc. Bartz was chairman, president and CEO of Autodesk for 14 years and stepped-down in April, 2006 [Where was she after that..] During her tenure, the company diversified its product line and grew revenues from $285 million to $1.523 billion in FY06.

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Infact, soon after this speculative reports, Wall Street wasn’t impressed much about the recent selection.

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According to me, what I feel Yahoo needs is not only a strong business person but also someone who has astute media penchant since Yahoo has lost few top notch executives like Weiner & Rosensweig.

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But on a positive note, some interesting times ahead for sure 😛

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