Reports are out about Barack Obama, the elected US president’s, online spending. Clickz reports this with an extensive breakup of how and where the money was spent. I find it to be quite judicious the way he decided to spend the money. Infact, he didn’t relied on one single ad network.

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Clickz reports:

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Barack Obama’s presidential campaign spent over $16 million on online advertising in 2008. John McCain’s camp spent a fraction of that: around $3.6 million.

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Google was far and away the winner, taking in an estimated $7.5 million of Obama ad dollars in 2008, about 45 percent of the campaign’s digital ad spending, according to Federal Election Commission reports. Some of that money went toward display and text ads in Google’s AdSense network, and some was used for ads appearing in search results on Google’s site.

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Obama’s digital ad team relied heavily on online ad networks offering performance-based advertising and various means of targeting, such as geographic, behavioral, and demographic. AOL-owned took in nearly $1 million from the campaign in ’08. Other networks that scored big were Pulse 360, Interclick, Quigo, Collective Media, Pontiflex, and Undertone Networks to name a few.

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Top Recipients of Obama Campaign
Online Media Spending in 2008
Media Company Estimated Amount Paid
Google $7,500,000
Yahoo $1,500,000
Centro $1,300,000 $947,000
Facebook $643,000
Turner Broadcasting/ $461,000
Microsoft $405,000
AOL $313,000
Interclick $222,000
Pulse 360 $222,000
Quigo $195,000
Collective Media $168,000
Politico $151,000
Blogads $149,000
Time $147,000
BET Digital $138,000
Pontiflex $137,000
Washington Post $125,000
Undertone Networks $110,000
The Weather Channel $108,000
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Now one thing is crystal clear that it did served it’s purpose well. At least for Barack Obama, though not so for John McCain. But one more interesting trend comes out of it. Staying with the same context, I’m seeing similar kind of influence being tried to be generated from Indian political scenario too! After seeing this report, I tried to search for Indian 2009 Elections candidature’s online visibility. Surprise I was!

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I remember writing about the same sometime back. So it wasn’t that much of a surprise for me, though would love to know how much they are investing online to gain that amount of traction. But wondering, if I’ll ever be able to know that since most of the things happens in the hush-hush alley!

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Nonetheless, such things do show favorable trends that online medium is gaining traction slowly & steadily. But surely the reach and critical mass that can be attained from online space is debatable, primarily because of low penetration and reach.

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