Yesterday I got this news from Robert Scoble through his many friendfeed messages wherein he mentioned about the whole fiasco that happened with Michael Arrington of TechCrunch fame when he was attending DLD conference in Munich, Germany. 

Scoble -“I’m sitting with @techcrunch (Mike Arrington) and he said that in Germany someone spit in his face and ran off today. Unbelieveable.”
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It was one of those usual moments where bloggers take their pot-shots at each other – at least thats what I thought so when I commented on the friendfeed link. But it seems it was much more than that.

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Mike wrote a heart rendering post where he mentioned the whole incident which was no less than just inhuman to say the least. He mentioned that..

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Yesterday as I was leaving the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany someone walked up to me and quite deliberately spat in my face. Before I even understood what was happening, they veered off into the crowd, just another dark head in a dark suit. People around me stared, then looked away and continued their conversation….Read more here

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This is plain inhuman and intolerable. It’s surely one of those moments where your very existence is shaken by such defamation acts by some fucker.

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Though I don’t know Mike personally but truly I like whatever he along with his peers are doing for the tech fraternity and such act on any human being is completely ridiculous and should be condemned.

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I just hope authorities take action ASAP and put the culprit behind bars for sure. And pray that such things never ever happen to him or for that matter with anyone who is just doing his job and not after oil or land.

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