Today I randomly scribbled tweeted (link) a question to my twitter friends to know what’s their take on the difference between Social Media & Web 2.0. A lot has been said before in this blog and elsewhere about these two consumer internet phenomenon which brought the whole Web under a common roof. Infact, it made Web more interesting to browse through. Thanks to microblogging tools like twitter, friendfeed, Jaiku, Pownce (No more) etc which made it possible. To say the least, it can be used as an effective platform to carry on a social experiment. I did something like this before also (Check out here & here). But one thing is more important than just coming to an absolute conclusion – You got to LISTEN first.

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Below are the top 5 comments to my question in just 140 characters since brevity rules supreme.

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I Asked (Tweet Link):

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Some say they are Web 2.0 enthusiasts while some Social Media -So what’s the difference when both things have web as the platform? 😛 Any neat comment!

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And tweople responded back:

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A. Prem Kumar (@scorpfromhell) said (Tweet link):

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Typically people who claim to be web 2.0 enthusiasts come from tech background, Social Media come from media/marketing background. It’s tech vs users vs marketing.

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Sumant Srivathsan (@sumants) said (Tweet Link):

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Mobile access makes all the difference. Web 2.0 doesn’t include non-W eb access points.

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Giridhar (@cgiridhar) said (Tweet Link):

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Social network enthusiasts use the network and participate…while web 2.0 enthusiasts design/develop/innovate and also participate.

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Moksh Juneja (@mokshjuneja) said (Tweet Link):

Web 2.0 is more inclined to Technology specialist and Social Media is towards communication specialist. Some can be both!!

Thierry de Baillon (@t_de_baillon) said (Tweet Link):

…Anything online today IS (has 2 be) social. Difference might be same as anthropology v/s psychology -, replacing the conversation in its context.

So what’s my take? Yes, much has been explained above but to make it more explicit, Web 2.0 & Social Media are tied up by a common thread of technology. Social Media without Web 2.0 as a platform cannot be utilized to its much effectiveness and vice-versa. And it’s so true that Web 2.0 has given rise to new breed of techno-marketers called Technopologists who carry the baton forward to make sense of noise in this cluttered sphere.

If you’re not sufficed with enough Web 2.0 & Social Media then surely this article from Edelman Digital via Manucrypts can give you some answers.

Excerpts from it are here as follows:

The Permanent Conversation:

…But the Web today – and the one of tomorrow – is a Web of function as well as emotion, and neither can exist without the other. If technology is the heart of the Third Web Era, then conversation is its soul.

Information exists, but conversation persists. That conversation may take many forms, yet people are talking all the time and they are not going to stop. And if you don’t want to join, you at least need to listen.

So where are you?

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