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It’s interesting what my Wordle tag cloud generated today. It’s “SEARCH” – the ever lasting ubiquitious search. It’s funny too, the way the SEARCH is separated out from the rest of the keywords of my blog.

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Going forward, let’s talk about companies who search for new employees, new customers, new markets while customers search for better products, efficient service, more ROI. Search continues for these two mutually inclusive sets. So when a customer finds that one item which fulfills his/her inner search, *Bingo* – we have a winner. We may call that a loyal customer(s) who will minimize a company’s search i.e. cost of search to find a new customer(s).

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So put it at one end of the spectrum- Marketing, Advertising, Marketing Research and everything that we do is to minimize our search costs, since we believe that if we market more, we will get more customers and eventually lead us to market less and thus will give us an opportunity to reduce our search cost over a longer period of time. Google & Apple understood that but many others didn’t.

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Meanwhile, internet changed a lot of things. Internet made customers realize that collectively they are more stronger than individual companies. They rose their voice over internet and along with them many others followed leading to a unified movement. Hence, companies had to listen. Dell did, Ford did and many others are following suit. Hence, the “Rise of Social Media“.

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So internet gave an opportunity to touch customers daily in different ways – through social networks like Facebook where companies are having exclusive groups, micro-social networks like Twitter or through virtual networks like Second Life. To think about it, it’s always good to be with your customers since it will eventually help to reduce the ubiquitious search.

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So what do you do to reduce your search? Comment if you are a Marketer, have your own business or just plain simple customer like me. Would love to hear your thoughts on this…

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