It’s yet another time when I browse through for the weekly summary of Web, Technology and few more interesting stuff that surfaced in the past week (i.e. 14th-20th December, 2008). As said earlier, I’ll be posting a weekly wrapup of whatever is happening in Web, Technology, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media and many more interesting stuff that you might want to spend your time with.

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So this week’s happenings are as follows:

1. NeXT Computer seen again:

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This is a soul searching moment for few, especially if you’re an Apple Steve Jobs follower. TechCrunch found this story – Interesting enough to browse through it once. This is how the story unfolds: Peter Urban of Smibs managed to find a rare NeXT computer on eBay and paid $400 for a then $6500 machine. Check the video where he unboxes it. This is a historic moment, if you remember the bad blood betwen Steve Jobs and then CEO of Apple who booted him out in 80’s and Jobs went on to make the then harware company called NeXT computers which now moved to a all software model. And if you’re wondering about the historic part of the story then how about this one : Tim Berners-Lee used a NeXT machine in 1991 to create the first web browser and web server. Eventually NeXT was acquired by Apple in 1996 for $429 million and Stevo became the CEO and made such cool gadgets like iPod, iPhone. [iDigg]

2. Dell (apparently) made $1 million using Twitter:

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This is just pure amazement moment for me. Not because Dell made $1 million using twitter which I guess many companies using twitter like Comcast, Zappos are surely making best of this microblogging tool but which this piece of information tells us about twitter’s extendability. Do you realise that twitter can end recession (though purely optimistic)? But surely trends shows something like this.

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How about this for your evening snack:

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Everyone loves talking about Twitter’s business model — because there isn’t one yet, and they’ll keep talking about it until there is one. But it’s becoming more clear that while a business model is of course important, Twitter is perhaps the perfect example of a company that can afford to take its time in finding the one that is perfect for it. That’s because other businesses are building so much on top of the micro-messaging service and using it for their own services. If worst came to worst, and Twitter had to sell, there would probably be a bidding war of a magnitude that would make it seem like this country wasn’t in the midst of a recession.

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If Twitter has made Dell $1 million in revenue, imagine how much it’s making for all of the companies it helps promote. While a million dollars may not be much to a company like Dell, for some smaller companies that are also using Twitter as a sales/promotional tool, it is no doubt invaluable.

3. Panasonic into Social Networking:

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WHAT THE F***? Sorry about that but really what was that all about! It seems that due to gaining popularity of social networks, Panasonic is getting into the bandwagon. BTW I’ve seen, heard and spoke about lots of companies using microsites, social networking apps, widgets for their outreach campaigns but this one nails me down and it hurts. Sorry Panasonic but I’m unable to understand that? Hope I’m wrong that it will do good.

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Panasonic launched its own social network. The Osaka, Japan based company has launched its social network called Living in HD, in order to inspire ideas and spark conversation between people while using videos, photos, and project ideas. Everyone in the community will be provided an opportunity to explain others the effect of technology in maximizing their delight of the High-Definition products. By the way, does Panasonic has a Twitter account?

4. IE8 Beaten by Google’s Chrome in Market stats:

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Surprise, surprise! Internet Explorer 8 is lagging behind Google’s just realeased Web browser Chrome. TG Daily has released a side-by-side comparison of market share for both Chrome and IE 8 from the Net Application data. So what do you think? Will Microsoft’s IE eventually die out on the face of recent developments from Google, Mozilla and Apple Safari? Infact, I did a quick check with my site stats, and found that about 60% users are FireFox users and a few handful are IE IE8 users. Google’s Chrome is also on the rise every month.

5. Indian Movie Going International by tying up with Apple:

Another sign of Hindi movies getting international marketing exposure – Chandni Chowk to China makes it to the Apple start page. As with Hollywood movies, the movie has a promo page and trailer at Apple’s trailer website.

The trailers are also available on iTunes. The international exposure is not surprising given that its a Warner Bros. Picture. The trailer compares well with the Hollywood movies in slickness quotient (Source). BTW from a technology point of view, neat site design with well executed Ajax. Love Akki moving with a cheeky smile. And if you want to have some cheeky fun, click the “Haiyyapage.