I think Search is going through an evolutionary phase; from Static to Real-time information. Yes, I too believe in whatever John Battelle mentioned in one of his post.

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For me, it all started because of increasing popularity of microblogging site, twitter and how its able to feed me the latest updates which no other offline as well online media is able to feed me real-time. The reason is us – we are the ones who have been updating any sort of news in real-time in 140 characters. Infact, I believe 140 characters is more than enough to start off a evolutionary revolution. One of the recent example I remember is the recent attacks in Mumbai which amassed scores of tweeps to rise beyond online bits & bytes and make people take notice.

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So staying with the post, I think this paragraph will be of much importance in this context:

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…..[Search] is changing, rapidly. Yes, I’m thinking about Twitter, of course, which is quickly gaining critical mass as a conversation hub answering the question “what are you doing?” But I’m also thinking about ambient data more broadly, in particular as described by John Markoff’s article (posted here). All of us are creating fountains of ambient data, from our phones, our web surfing, our offline purchasing, our interactions with tollbooths, you name it. Combine that

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ambient data (the imprint we leave on the digital world from our actions) with declarative data (what we proactively say we are doing right now) and you’ve got a major, delicious, wonderful, massive search problem, er, opportunity.

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And with that Search challenge comes an equally exciting monetization oppurtunity.

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Infact I went on to see if google is indexing twitter or not. Yakoow! It does! Though I’m not sure how many times a day but sure it does to get live updates.

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Even so, I was wondering how Web Search will be if we type in “What are people talking about right now” and we are effectively guided towards the exact information. Won’t that be just sweet! But I guess we have to wait for some more time for that to happen. But I still believe that something of that order is going to happen very soon. Yes, Realtime information at our fingertips. Till then we may have to suffice our greed for realtime information with this site called OneRiot.Com – It’s a social search engine that finds the pulse of the web.

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