While keeping with my daily twitter updates from around the world, I stumbled upon this unusual yet interesting site called TweetWasters. The site gives you an approx. idea of how much time you’re really ‘wasting’ posting messages and status updates to the popular microblogging service- Twitter.

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There’s even a WordPress plugin that lets you show off your Twitter usage stats to your blog visitors, and if you try hard you might just make the Tweetwasters Hall Of Fame. It was also one of the trending topics earlier today.

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According to Tweetwasters, it estimates that a user spends about 30 seconds on creating a Tweet on average. They multiply that by the number of Twitter messages you have produced and they provide you with the approximate number of seconds, minutes, hours or days of your life you have spent on Twitter. Of course, I assume most people spend more time reading tweets than writing them, so it’s probably way more than Tweetwasters will ever be able to tell you. [TC Link]

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Infact, I went on to explore a bit further to check my updates. Here is the truth:

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I’ve wasted 156,510 Seconds or 2,609 Minutes or 43.48 Hours or 1.81 Days with 5,217 Tweets on Twitter!

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I also went on to explore FriendFeed‘s posterboy, Scobleizer (though nowadays he has started to use more of FF and less of Twitter) to see how much he has wasted his time (pun intended since I don’t think he wasted time tweeting).

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And if you’re wondering, who’s no1 in this game of wasting time, then here’s your answer.

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So if you think that even though I’ve presumably wasted my time (again pun intended) but can add value to your network of efficient and effective wasters, then do follow me here [@Sampad].

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