Techmeme, a popular partially-automated tech news site, has released a list of its top 10 stories from 2008. It got released in Techmeme blog sometime back. Megan McCarthy, the so-called human editor of Techmeme writes that headlines were determined using Techmeme’s internal data, which allows it to generate what is at least a somewhat-objective list of the year’s most widely read (and written about) stories.

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So the drop down list of top 10 stories of year 2008 are as follows:

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10. iPhone 3G Launch Date Confirmed

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9. Introducing Windows 7

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8. Google, Microsoft Said To Be Preparing Bids For Digg

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7. Music Industry to Abandon Mass Suits

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6. Google to buy Valve

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5. Google Is Taking Questions (Spoken, via iPhone)

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4. To Our Developers– An Apple Developers Story

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3. Google Chrome, Google’s Browser Project

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2. Apple Announces Its Last Year at Macworld

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1. Microsoft Proposes Acquisition of Yahoo! for $31 per Share

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Since in year 2008, I’ve much covering tech stories, so this surely got my share of eye balls. But am wondering how come anything related to Twitter didn’t caught attention of the Techmeme Bot human filtered algorithm. Hope you enjoy this as it gives year 2008’s much talked about stories to glance through.

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