This just broke out today from WatBlog:

Brand Equity’s Ad Agency Reckoner has listed the top ten Digital Agencies in India recently and according to the annual survey this year the no.1 digital agency is Webchutney followed by Hungama at no.2 and then Contest2win at no.3. This survey by Brand Equity usually lists the top 25 traditional agencies, media houses, creative directors, influential personalities but this year the very fact that that a list of ‘Digital Specialist Agencies’ were released gives you an indication of the prominence of the digital medium.

Interesting to see traditional ad agencies’ sprung out arm being in the top 10 list – iContract of Contract Advertising (A WPP Wordwide Company)and Neo of Ogilvy.

After this, I would like to see if a top 10 list of Social Media Agency list comes out. But that’s a far cry since out of 10 digital agencies, only two mainstream traditional agency was listed in top 10. But according to my sources, there are handful of Social Media agencies in Indian doing their rounds of activities. But listing a top 10 list would be sort of difficult because of sheer lack of scale and awareness. Though I won’t be predicting about it now, but definitely year 2009 will be a surprise if mainstream media & agencies don’t look up to this option.

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