This is one of those times where you sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Yes, the Simpsons are back again but with a twist from the old Apple Yard. This time the Simpsons take on Apple Mapple. It’s funny and makes you feel oozy inside if you’re an “Apple FanBoy“.

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It features all the usual Simpsons characters but the story begins when Lisa discovers a Apple Mapple store in Springfield Mall. The episode features iPodsmiPods“, iPhonesmiPhones” and even a “Brainiac Bar“. Even more so guest appearance of the maverick (the God who knows what we wants- dialogue from the episode) Mr. Steve Jobs Mobs.

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Below is the hilarious video from “The Simpsons Show”

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Funny quotes:

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You think you’re cool because you buy $500 phone with a picture of fruit on it, guess what, it cost 8 bucks and I P** on it….and it continues (voice-over of Steve Mobbs by Bart Simpson).

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Enjoy the show!

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P.S. This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Twentieth Century Fox.

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