According to a recent research conducted jointly by General Motors Europe, Motorola, Media Agency-MindShare and Online Testing Exchange (OTX) found out that YouTube users are 1.5 times more attentive and engaged than TV viewers.

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The research tool they used used was eye tracking and biometric data to reveal the brand impact of advertising on YouTube as well as TV. It found out that recall and attribution for an ad viewed on YouTube was up to 14% higher than watching the same ad on TV.

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Even, viewing a silent ad on YouTube in addition to a normal TV ad also improved ad recall and attribution

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Motorola’s brand metrics increased by four times and GM Europe’s metrics rose three-fold when YouTube impressions were combined with TV.

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According to Martin Sir, manager of European media strategies for General Motors Europe, said:

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“Immersive experiences like YouTube have changed and will further change the way entertainment and branded content is consumed and used. For GM Europe, distributing video content over the internet is far from novel but doing so in a way that’s always relevant for and engaging to our consumers remains challenging. This research supports us in our pursuit to further embrace these emerging advertising opportunities.”

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So ads on YouTube can impact the perceptions of elusive audiences like young men and infrequent TV viewers. They also have a halo effect and increased brand perceptions such as innovative, cool, dynamic and unconventional.

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