Today released is a 34 slide presentation which defines Google‘s overall strategy and what it is today and where it is going. Now these slides are just not a paperback presentation with lots of pictorial representation but some hard points for a 10 year old giant. The slides were prepared by French Consulting firm Fabernovel. The presentation is titled “Everything you always wanted to know about Google, but were afraid to ask”.

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Some of the key pointers of the presentation are answers to some intriguing questions like :

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Here is the All About Google SlideShow:

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TC has an interesting take on the slides.

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There is an interesting slide about how Google buys traffic through key partnership deals with software or hardware companies (slide 14) Many tend to think Google has free traffic or zero marketing costs which is a wrong assumption since it affects directly its P&L…

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Some more interesting facts are that TechCrunch and few more prominent bloggers like ReadWriteWeb, Google Operating System (Unofficial Google Blog) etc are being acknowledged by FaberNovel Team at the end of the slides.

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P.S. A must read if you give or don’t give a damn about it!

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