A new article in MediaPost outlines the strength of 3 biggest online advertising networks i.e. Google, Yahoo & Microsoft in the face of adverse economic condition. It states how search engines are proving to be more resilient despite the worsening economic situation. The study was conducted by AdGooroo, a provider of Web marketing data and keyword tools.

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According to AdGooroo:

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Google grew their advertiser count by nearly 55% when compared to the fourth quarter of 2007. Microsoft’s share of advertisers grew by nearly 12%. Yahoo’s numbers were not given although the author did indicate they had the worst performance of all advertisers when compared year over year.

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Infact, AdGooroo CEO Rich Stokes went on to suggest that the 4th quarter of this financial year may be the strongest on record for both Google & Microsoft. Also Google has increased advertiser levels back to those seen in January of 2008.

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Some of the reasons why it’s growing despite pressure on other offline mediums are:

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1. Brand Exposure & Awareness: Search Engine Advertising gives much brand exposure for Advertisers and creates awareness for their target market.

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2. Cost: Online search advertising doesn’t cost you a fortune like other offline mediums. It’s a great tool to communicate for small business owners even.

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3. Reach to wider mass: Search engine advertising gives advertisers a chance to reach wider mass which can give better traction in terms of awareness, sales lead etc in these recessionary times.

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So even though, Search Advertising companies, for example, Google who are contending with layoff rumors and a “sell” rating from Wall Street analysts, now it looked like they are on a roll along with their counterparts.

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