…is something which I believe every blogger has a right to exercise. Last year I did the same. So this time around I was just revisiting those predictions/trends and trying to see how much I scored in “Predictometer” πŸ™‚

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So without beating around the bush, I’ll straight get into the analysis mode. Below are side by side predictions 2008 and how I fared rating of year 2008 predictions.

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1.Branding Shift: Branding will move from traditional way to more nicher media with the advent of new technologies. Usage of internet as a branding medium will catch fire, even in India.

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How I fared: Will give 4/5. Yes, it has shifted though not totally. Internationally there are reports wherein companies have adopted newer web tools especially microblogging platform like Twitter to influence the early adopters. Even so, Dell went on to make $1 million apparently using twitter. Many Indian companies have started following suit, especially the big media houses. Traditional consumer facing companies too like HUL, Colgate etc have made their mark by being online for branding activities. But I’ll still give myself a 4 rating out of 5 since the prediction was kind of vague and not pin pointed.

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2. Total Brand Experience: Advertisements in the form of television, outdoors, billboard etc will bring customers close to the brand to complete that “Total Brand Experience” i.e. TBE. Even the engagement of these interactions between customers & brands will increase next year.

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How I fared: Will rate 2/5. The recession was the dampener in this case. Post 2rd quarter, most consumer facing companies are showing signs of reduced spending on traditional advertisements. But surely, I’ve personally experienced some brands using television, outdoors, billboard as well web to outshine most of their counterparts. Top of the mind recall reminds me of Tata Tea’s Jagoore Campaign and Idea Cellular’s recent community campaigns. These sort of campaigns surely gives a lot of mileage, eyeballs as well as engagement with the customers.

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3. Social Media Fire: Countries like India where mass marketing is the bread & butter for most marketers, social media will catch the fire as marketers will realize the potential of social media. Companies will start using Social networks and twitter to understand their customers in a better way. Social media will be more prominent in western countries with importance on more customer interactivity.

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How I fared: Will rate 4/5 on this one. In this case, economic downturn helped as companies who used to spend big bucks on traditional media have started using Social Media as a new way of engaging their customers. Examples are many. Peter Kim’s list has great examples. In India too, its growing. Top of the mind recalls reminds me of Kaya Skin Clinic.

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4. Search Engine Optimization: Companies will move away slowly but steadily from Google as Ad repository to more nicher aread like Digg, StumbleUpon, Del.icio.us Delicious etc (Social Bookmarking sites). The reason is relevant search results for end users. Year 2008 will start the beginning of the importance of Semantic Web until Google starts thinking hard to tackle it. I’m sure they will with Knol etc.

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How I fared: 2/5 since reports confirm that social bookmarking sites like Digg etc are not showing encouraging results in terms of revenues. Infact Digg might be sold. But companies like Yahoo & Google at its backend are showing signs of semantic web with new features plugged in search queries.

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5. More disruptive innovations: Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and not forgetting Facebook alikes will come with more innovations (mostly disruptive which will set the industry standards). We will see many new products we well as great new services.

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How I fared: 5/5 (yeah bit too optimistic) but Apple launched MacBook Air, Google launched Chrome to reignite the browser war, Microsoft reviving itself with Live and coming out from the grip of just an enterprise product company. Social Networking surviving with all new microblogging platforms like Friendfeed, Jaiku etc.

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So if I calculate my “Predictometer“, then I scored 17 out of 25. Not bad IMHO πŸ™‚

Come 2009, I believe lot of things will change. Lastly, thanks to each & every one who have helped me to stay sincere and open all this while. Coming next two days, I’ll be posting 2 predictions/trends post. So stay glued. BTW early wishes for 2009!

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