Before starting off, I would to thank all of you who have supported me along the way and also being the part of this blog’s community. Though blog content die out as soon as new content pours in, still I’ll try to aggregate all the top 10 most popular posts of year 2008 which you people have visited most and even commented too. Also not forgetting that while shifting from Blogger to WordPress, I’ve missed out on some key comments on most of the posts in 2008.

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So without much dilly-dallying, here is the list of top 10 most popular posts of 2008:

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1. Slidepost: Branding 2.0 & Social Media

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2. Top 10 Social Media Blogs in India

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3. Top 10 Predictions on Social Networking

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4. Tools & Tops to Manage your Online Reputation

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5. Indian Internet Usage Statistics: Analysis of Online Consumer Trends

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6. Top Twitter Apps in Year 2008

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7. Top 21 reasons why you should use Twitter

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8. Possible Future Revenue Models for Twitter

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9. What won’t happen in Indian Social Media in 2009?

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10. End of Indian Tangible Media – Can we Predict?

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By the way, one cheeky stat. Most of the popular posts in 2008 have been in the second half  of the year 🙂

So, while I was at it, I thought of giving the top 10 popular posts of 2007 too. I missed aggregating it last year 🙂

So, here is the list of top 10 most popular posts of 2007:

1. Six Pointers to assess a Brand

2. The Love for color *Red* in Brand Logos

3. Email 2.0 versus Social Networking

4. Google Search costs 27 cents

5. Advertisement 2.0 – Creating user friendly online ads

6. India: Thinking Digital, Going Conventional

7. Google Knows About You

8. Eureka Bar: Backstory as a Marketing Tool

9. India: A Shifted Reality

10. Market Share or Profitability?

By looking at the popular posts, one can easily see the difference. Yes, professionally as well as personally my goal has shifted to more nicher areas i.e. social media, consumer internet, trends & analysis and tidbits of tech cues. Till now, you’ve been supporting me and I hope if you stay with me next year too, then will discover more new, fresh and interesting stuff.

Thanks  🙂

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