Today microsoft rolled out a new contest with Live Search called – “Win with Search”. This is how it works:

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If you’re on the Live Search contest page, you’ll need to roll the Dice and get a double ‘6’ within a 10 minute interval. Every 10 minutes the contest will refresh, therefore, the first user to roll 6 & 6 on the Dice in the 10 minute interval wins the prize.

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Win With Search” is aimed at encouraging users to have fun with Live Search and is a chance for them to experience a smarter, improved, and richer Live Search.

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So here is a sneak peek of how looks –

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Even I tried out myself for few minutes and sure it is fun. Below is the screenshot of my search but unfortunately someone had already won the round.

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This is the first time ever that a Search service in India is doing something different for the consumer in a way that delivers on the service but also gives a fun experience to the user. Hopefully it encourages users to experience a unique and smarter search experience and will be more willing to experience it again and again!

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In recent months Microsoft have rolled many new features for Live Search in India – Image Search, Video Search, Local Search, xRank, Instant Answers and Live Search Maps for India. The idea primarily is to keep developing new features or capabilities for Search that allows users to get the job done easily and smartly, while at the same time enhancing the core Search relevance.

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I hope that will draw new and current users for Microsoft who like to sometimes take a chance, to try something different, close their eyes and take a leap, or simply have fun and simply add a bit of fun into search!

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So do try out and let me know what you think about it!

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Note: Thanks to Guneet Singh from Microsoft for the tip-off.

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