Afaqs reports that Nielsen, the marketing research firm, has released the findings of an online survey on multimedia consumption and ownership patterns in India. In all, 501 respondents, including 409 males and 92 females, from India participated in the survey, and 266 of them were aged below 30 years.

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The key points are:

  • 94% owned TVs, and 84% of them actually use their TVs.
  • 82% claimed that they owned personal computers, and only 78% of them used their PCs
  • Ownership of CDs was at 70%, with usage at 55%
  • Ownership of DVD player was at 65%, with usage at 49%
  • 63% of respondents had personally bought a DVD in the last 6 months, while 59% bought CDs
  • 9% of the them own a console video game system, while only 7% own handheld video game systems
  • 36% of the respondents own video and web-enable mobile handsets, while 67% own mobile phones without GPRS or capability to browse the web
  • 85% of them spent some time listening to music on a PC, portable device or mobile device. Almost 75% listened to music on CDs, while 63% streamed or downloaded content on a PC or portable device
  • Respondents preferred playing games on PC or mobile device as against a game console, this is expected as the number of people owning game consoles is very low. 59% spent time playing games on PC, while 29% spent time on game consoles
  • The increasing penetration of internet had led to an increase in the usage of streaming content from the web including music or audio tracks (66%), music videos(59%), ads or movie trailers (57%), TV shows or TV clippings (46%), full length movies or movie clips (42%), and video games (32%)
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Now few things stands out prominently. Why are the number of respondents so heavily skewed towards men? Are women not participating in such surveys or it’s just that women are not inhabiting the webosphere!

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Also are those figures of no. of DVD’s & CD’s bought through legitimate channel or from grey markets. If the numbers are true representation of legitimate buy then traditional DVD & CD manufacturing companies should be happy since more than 50% users of age group less than 30 who participated in the survey have bought through fair channels. But I doubt they have!

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Still these trend show a skewness towards media consumption in digital format which I believe will only increase in years to come.

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via BangaloreInc

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