With my prediction post on Indian Social Media scene due tomorrow (read my last one here), I got hold of an interesting tool to see through the hour glass of what’s been happening in Indian social networks, social media & blogging over the years. Thanks to Steve Rubel for the tip-off. The tool is from none other than than the Grand Daddy of aggregating information – Google. It’s Google Insights for Search – which launched earlier this year. It’s the closest thing we have to a global time capsule. So after seeing Steve’s post on what’s happening in US, I got inquisitive too. So I started mining specifically into 3 trends around which we have been talking all this while i.e. Social Networks, Blogging & Social Media.

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And sure I’ve got some interesting stats. It’s really interesting what search queries can tell us. Though it was quite predictable but when knowledge is backed by figures and stats, it becomes more than just a prediction. So here are three trends that I captured through Google Insights:

Indian Social Network Trends

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It isn’t surprising that Indian social networks have been growing for sometime with Orkut  leading the way along with Facebook and few others. But alongside, many Indian social networks have also proliferated which makes the growth a distributed one. The stats above are from January ’08 to December ’08. Along the year 2008, it seems interest level of Indian online population has been diminishing putting a need for further consolidation with newer ways to engage users other than just one-to-one to one-to-many messaging.

Indian Social Media Trends

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Yes, these stats are encouraging. Social Media related search queries have increased over the period of early ’07 to December 2008. That’s a healthy sign for the nascent Social Media industry. Interest level generated from the search queries also show encouraging signs which have increased from 31% from nearly 80% around December 2008. Infact, I believe that coming year of 2009 will show further encouraging trends in Indian social media space since company executives are now thinking to shift their analog dollars to more engagement oriented digital pennies, slowly & steadily.

Indian Blogging Trends

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Many have dubbed that Blogging is dead. Though I’ve another viewpoint to it. What if its just a consolidation phase where people are trying out newer shiny stuffs that internet has to offer? But truly, the personal and intuitive touch that a blogging platform gives can’t be taken away that easily. But Indian Blogging has been through the maturity phase wherein it went into mainstream post 2005, then some minor consolidation around 2006-2007, thats when people started spending considerable amount of time consuming other formats of online media (YouTube launched in 2006 and Twitter was also in its nascent stage). On the same note, 2008 has also not showing healthy trends for Indian blogging. Primarily because of microblogging platforms and allied services which grabbed internet users attention.

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So what is your take on Social networks, blogging & social media trends generated from search queries? Do you see these trend following in 2009 even? Would love to hear from you!

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