So here we are, 31st December 2008 and my last post for this year. Many bloggers have already talked about their own predictions on Indian Social Media. Though I’ll just try to pin point few of the predictions which we will see happening in year 2009. Though earlier I’ve posted on what won’t happen in Indian Social Media in 2009, so this one can be considered for what will happen in Indian social media in 2009.

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Before getting into the predictions, I would bring to the notice that I’ve already reevaluated my year 2008 predictions and optimistically I haven’t fared that badly either. So keeping the same spirit, these are my predictions for Indian Social Media in 2009:

1. Social Media will rise to “India Global Microbrand”

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Social Media gives a chance to showcase creativity, ingenuity and wide appeal at Global stage much due to the fact of cross-pollination between different media outlets. This will give rise to Indian Global Microbrand. Year 2009 will see few Indian brands taking it to the world and getting recognition at a global stage.Infact, it won’t be wrong to predict that few top brands will be outpaced by small, tiny brands of today which have a stronger presence in the internet.

2. Twitter won’t be mainstream for Indian Brands to Flock

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Much have been talked about Twitter and it’s state of things. But twitter won’t be mainstream in year 2009 for Indian brands to generate ROI. Although we will see many Indian brands flocking around but gaining enough traction to generate revenue is doubtful. It’s because of the mass appeal generated in few pockets of the society.

3. Rise of “Social Cocooning”

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Year 2009 will see a new trend of “Social Cocooning” i.e. more and more netizens will try to aggregate content within their own group of friends using few social networks to unclutter the noise. This is mostly appilicable for burgeoning social networks which are showing downward trends from last year. That means most of the social networks will try to engage their users through innovative social apps and few more to monetize. But it will become more & more difficult with years to come and much so will prevail in 2009 too.

4. Rise of new breed of CXO’s

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Year 2009 will see the rise of new breed of marketers in form of chief community officer (CCO), chief evangelist officer (CEO), chief content officer (CCO) etc. But this trend will much follow for companies who have much presence in web. Traditonal companies will see the need of such marketing technopologists and follow suit in years to come.

5. Switchover to believe “Content is Advertising”

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With reports coming in where traditonal advertising dollars are moving towards more digital ad dollars, traditional advertisers won’t let it go that easily. Fightback is emminet. To cut short the theatrical illustration, Indian traditonal advertising which is at US$ 4 Bn growing at 15% Y-o-Y is mamooth in front of Digital Advertising. But Digital Advertising which stands at US$100 Mn and growing at 50% Y-o-Y will show more positive trend than traditional one. Doing some rough calculations, it shows that digital advertising will outpace traditional one by year 2022 though I personally believe it’s going to happen much sooner than that.

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Continuing with the same point, traditional advertisers will realize that “Content is Advertising” which digital advertisers have realized sometime back but NOT fully. Now one who optimizes this rule will win the mindshare of the customers. So year 2009 will be the inflection point for both these format of advertisers to do some soul searching. But I guess, we already know the answer to this one!

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So these are my predictions for Indian Social Media in 2009. If you are still not done with these, then you might want to look at what other Social Media mavericks have to say:

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Gaurav Mishra/Gautam Ghosh/Rajesh Lalwani/Nimesh Shah/Daksh Sharma

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Till then, here’s wishing you all the joy and happiness for 2009. Have a Blast & be safe!

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Lastly, thank you for sticking around for 2008 and hope you will be kind enough to so do in 2009 even 🙂

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