An interesting statistics came out soon after the release of ET report which stated that there are 81 million Internet users in India. Infact, India has been ranked fourth among the top ten nations in the world with 81 million internet users even as the world aggregate touched 1.35 billion by the end of 2007, according to figures released by Internet Governance Forum. This time LiveMint along with Mumbai based digital advertising & technology company Komli Pvt. Ltd. did some qualitative and quantitative research on online consumer trends in 2008.

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So here are the key snapshots of the study:

1. List of top Social Networking & E-commerce/Banking sites:

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My Comments:

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List of top social networking sites was quite expected. Infact a quick check at Alexa rankings also gives more or less the same picture. Orkut earns the top spot with ~37% reach which is more of a monopoly in Indian social networking industry. I guess “First Mover Advantage” still works. Taking a quick look at top e-commerce/banking sites, ICICI together takes about 13% reach which in my idea should top the list. BTW why the difference between & Infact the latter gives a network timeout. Also I’ve been an ICICI customer for sometime, but never heard about it!

2. Daily traffic trend:

My Comments:

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Seeing this I did a quick check with my blog time v/s daily traffic trend but its far from what this stats say? I think they take into account visitors from a across the globe which shows the spikes during 7-8 pm IST.

3. Top Domains, Top sites by Category & Average Time Spent

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My Comments:

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Google & Yahoo rules the roost in the top 10 domains in India. Google and its allied networks itself have 5 domain which most Indians visit (BTW there are only 9 not 10 in the list). The best part about this stats is the category wise demarcation of average time spent per visit. It gives a true picture where most Indians like to visit. I guess, matrimony sites is where mostly people are hanging out. Next comes entertainment and third spot is social networking. So advertising dollars are yet to be spend on social networking sites.

4. Time spent per week browsing & Websites visited per week:

My Comments:

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About 39% users spend 1-5 hours per week with an eye-ball rolling over 1-10 websites which accounts for 58% per week. But I’m quite surprise to see that about 13% are avid internet surfers spending more than 15 hours a week.

5. Gender wise break of internet usage pattern:

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My Comments:

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Clearly, man versus womain internet surfing ratio is lopsided i.e. about 3/4 of the women are busy in something else, not internet.

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To conclude, things are on a roll definitely but lot is yet to be expected. Also, since this study takes into account different population, age & income groups, so this may prove insightful for advertisers, specially those looking at segmenting & targeting specific consumer groups.

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