…is bleak. Or is it? In this post I’ll talk about Marketing or more so, the core of it. I’ll talk about what was Marketing all about and why it failed along the way and gave away to now present day branding where CMO’s and Brand Managers integrated personality into the brand which essentially gives me a chance to talk about Future of Branding in a cluttered market where brands can be given a human-face which consumers can associate to and in the process of association be a brand evangelist.

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Marketing campaigns/promotions over the years have changed leaps & bounds. Marketing, slowly but steadily is embodying a new shape, a new trend perhaps. It’s becoming more human IMHO. By human, I mean that marketing is getting intertwined more & more into human life.

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The shape of marketing programs are distinctly changing from what it used to be, what is it now and where it’s going in the future. Previously, it used to be only about features, quality, attributes, usability and everything related to brand as a standalone entity. Now things have changed or more so, it is changing rapidly.

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Now CMO’s and Brand managers across the world are talking about new age branding. They are putting personality back into the brand. Though some may even argue that branding is dead; but is it so? Putting India into perspective where we have got millions of customers for thousands of brands just to satisfy unique category of products; so here “Branding is Dead” would just be a misnoner. More so because of the readiness of the competitors to imitate even the core attributes of any brand which makes it all the more important to pursue the branding activities just to buy that customers mindshare.

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But I’m not going into the argument of Branding versus No-Branding. What I what to point out here is that after giving personality to the brand, what’s next? Will a brand last forever? If the answer is “NO”, then we are in trouble, more so for “DON’T KNOW”.

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What I assume is that the future of brands is to more human i.e. brands reflecting emotions. Emotions because that is what human beings are made of.

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Quote-Unquote: Saying goes that human beings are mere manifestation of rationality & logic whereas the truth is that we all are emotional, sensitive and perceptive beings; E.g. we still love kids even though they infuriate us with their klutzy acts.

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So, personalities change with time, what doesnt change is emotions, sensations & passion. That’s what we all are made of. So brands along with time need to reflect that. I’m not prophesizing that all brands need to change right away but certainly they have to because once there are too many brands in the marketplace & less time for customers to choose, they may ignore. And ignoring means all the millions & millions spend on brand building goes to waste. So personality incorporated brand can be the stepping stone to make brands more human which walks, talks and listens to your customer. The best example, that can come to my mind is Apple & Google. How do we justify the innumerable customer fan following for these two huge giants. I guess the answer is quite obvious.

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One of the optimistic elements of this strategy is that your brand will become indispensable for  your targeted customers who will not only care about the brand but  may spread it along the way. So what else do we need when customers are spreading the word around like brand evangelists. It sure will give enough traction to build future brands that may be in the pipeline.

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So what are your thoughts on these? Do you think in a cluttered marketplace, brands with a face or a personality which reflects true human emotions can survive the test of time? Would love to hear from you.

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