Few days back Claudio Bruno from The Viral Factory in London contacted me talking this interesting piece of info. So I thought to share the same along with my readers since it’s Christmas and it’s a holiday mood all around. BTW, if you click on the link below, it says “Sampad Swain is the naughtiest amongst all” but I would leave that upto you to decide? 😛

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Check out this link for full version:

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The Content:

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It’s an unofficial Google UK Christmas card in video format. The video was conceived & produced by a group of Google staff in the London office when they heard that Google is not sending out paper Christmas cards this year (to reduce their carbon footprint & save money). The staff decided to make a fun Christmas video card that their sales teams could use to send to their clients.

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Production was entirely in-house, on a tiny budget. The script was written by a bunch of account strategists and marketing people. The producer, cameraman and editor are freelancers that Google use for internal video production – a little bit of professional help to ensure it would not be too hammy!

The Actors:

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The people in front of the camera are mostly Google staff. Mrs Santa is called Rebecca Michael, she is an associate agency relationship manager in the Google UK sales team, but as a child she played Janine Butchers in Eastenders.

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The exceptions are Santa – he’s the real Selfridges Santa, this was filmed the first part in their grotto, and the reporter – she is a friend of the video producer, they do red carpet stuff together, so she agreed to take part as a favour.

The Techy Stuff

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The Christmas card is hosted at a non-Google URL on App Engine, one of Google’s developer products which lets any developer host their application on Google’s infrastructure for free. The one thing that is not hosted on App Engine is the SWF file of the video, which sits on Google servers because App Engine is still in beta and can’t yet handle big files.

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Though this is kind of a viral campaign but its really funny. I tried it out myself and it does its work to put a smile on your face.

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Here’s again the link @ http://www.channel6tvnews.com/

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Finally Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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P.S. Authenticy of the campaign being a part of Google is debatable. LOL 😀

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