…so you must have heard about internet – used it few times over or best, you’ve been in the thick & thin of the action on any thing Web. You liked the cool stuff, the uber geeky stuff or something more. You are a content creater, a content reader or just a browse through guy. Sometimes you fav’d something and also went on to spread it to your friends, colleagues or your network of unknown friends through social networks. That’s fine as long as it serves the purpose for you.

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Yes, the internet has made it damn easy to do that. But what’s the cost involved – ZERO (marginal cost). Isn’t this just amazing. Twenty years back, no one heard about internet; fifteen years back uber geeks started using it; ten years back internet became a mass phenomenon and now its everywhere.

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So where are we going with all this? Yes, it’s a known fact that internet is growing like carcinogens– never ending. It has no boundaries. It feeds on our collective intelligence. Some companies were able to get hold of this ever increasing organism (referring to Web) and filter out the noise from information for us. Yes, that marked the birth of search engines like Google, Yahoo and many more. But thinking about where it’s going to end is elusive yet unknowingly predictable. Some may dub this intelligent organism as Web 3.0 or 4.0 or version X.0. Whatever happens, the web will become more & more intelligent.

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In all this, we may miss out on one very pertinent issue on human behavior – be it online or offline. Human beings by nature are intuitive, distinct and want perpetual existence. Sorry Sir but that ain’t possible, humanly. But yes, the web can make it possible. All the content we create, we spread, we so passively glance through has been feed to the large gigantic organism called “The Web“. It devours everything just to make itself more intelligent.

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But everything has a cost involved. It may not be in transactional in terms of money. The cost involved is subliminal. We give time. Time is what we give to keep this hungry organism alive for us. We give time to create, to read and to aggregate content. It’s difficult to measure the monetary value for time we spend day to day in giving shape and form. But it’s worth it if we measure it by the cost of immortalization it helps us to achieve.

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