I’ve been using Twitter & Friendfeed over an year now. It’s so cool how once in a while new technology comes up in the web and we all flock around it. This is what happened to me in case of Twitter and Friendfeed. Though twitter has more followers (approximately 6 million) but recently I’ve been drawn towards Friendfeed. More so, my per day tweet count has come down a bit. Some of the major reasons has been Friendfeed’s user experience, ease of use and user interface (UI). But still I love twitter. The whole idea of conversations in 140 chars is something which I really digg. KISS- “Keep it short & simple” as I like to call it. So in this post, I’ll try to outline 10 reasons why Twitter is better than Friendfeed and some probable reasons why it has been able to amass such a huge following.

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1. Twitter has a human face: It’s founder i.e. CEO Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey are the face of the microblogging site. But wait since they don’t follow too many random followings. But are really the true human face of this niche social network which is growing at hurricane pace. BTW who all are the founders of FriendFeed? Infact surprised to see one Indian name in the founders list. So interacting connecting with real founders, knowing about them makes us feel connected with the service. So evangelism comes easy for twitter.

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2. Twitter has many friends: 3rd party app developers are its best friends. But on the contrary I think it may soon turn out to be its worst enemies if twitter doesn’t come up with a revenue driven business model (Karl Long has something interesting to say here with his hypothesis on Multilevel Marketers. Read here)

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3. Twitter has Summize whereas FriendFeed…: Yes, both of them have search engines – Twitter has Search.Twitter (bought Summize sometime back) and Friendfeed too. But we can actually search anything on twitter search engine which much complexity involved whereas I doubt the same FF’s.

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4. Apps galore: Twitter has like thousands of Apps to support it like Twhirl, Tweekdeck and many more iPhone apps which Friendfeed doesn’t have. You can update via Web, Desktop and mobile too. It makes hell lot easier for users to explore twitter than FF.

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5. Twitter comes handy in crisis scenario: Twitter really comes in handy to all of us especially during crisis scenario since pushing content has become easier due to its extendability features. Twitter is able to provide realtime information which can be updated and tracked from anywhere in the world. This makes it easier for users to carry it along. I had an first hand experience during Mumbai terrorist attacks when millions of Tweeps were updating in almost every second – official reports say 80 tweets in 5 seconds.

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6. Emails are out, DM’s are in: In the world of fast paced online activity, Direct messages of twitter is more handy than usual emails. Friendfeed lack this feature. I love this feature since anyone can DM me from anywhere about anything and the sweet spot for me is getting the same anywhere, realtime.

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7. Ease of Use: Twitter is far more simpler to use for first timers than FF. Hence, adoption rate of twitter is high. In twitter, all you got to do is just type in 140 chars and push the update tab- you’re done. Following/un-following someone is also a lot easier to track than friendfeed.

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8. Value of *Star Networks* in twitter: Twitter becomes more valuable since it hosts a plethora of business networks which track their consumers online. This makes twitter’s worth in gold. So if you want to rant about any company XXX, then just tweet and more often than not, someone from the network will join you.

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9. Crowdsourcing: The power of twitter is always in the follower-following list. Longer the list, better it is since you instantly get connected. So if you have any query about anything in this world, be sure that it might get resolved since there is always someone who is smarter than us. I find this kind of network value addition missing in FF since it is turning out be a pile of shortened urls. Not much human interaction.

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So what is your take on this? Which network do you find more appealing. If you want to add something to list, please update in the comments below. Will update soon enough.

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You can also follow me in twitter @Sampad.

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