Last week I posted a slideshow called “All About Google” by French Consulting Firm FabelNovel which outlines Google’s overall strategy and what it is today and where it is going. If you’ve not gone through it, then it’s must recommendation. Getting back to the post, I remember, last year I wrote about “What Google Knows about us” and how network effect rules supreme in favor of Google. For example, Google has the

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It’s like vast pool of information lying there and we just hope that sorting out of it is not done against us or our will. So while I was into this, I found this interesting link from Mashable which has a post on 10 great Google Slideshows. I added one more to it. So here’s a selection of ten+1 slideshows about Google I’ve found to be either very useful or interesting.

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1. Google for Life Science Researchers: A couple of useful tips for Life Science researches which are, in fact, applicable to everyone. Well worth a read.

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2. An introduction to Google Analytics: Need to quickly explain someone what Google Analytics is and what it does? This slideshow is a very good start.

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3. Google Analytics- Measuring Interaction: A presentation discussing ways to make Google Analytics measure interactions on a website (instead of mere pageviews).

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4. Google – Strategic Analysis: A short but solid analysis of Google’s position in the search engine market.

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5. Google and Apple common brand values: A short study discussing the similarities between Google and Apple brands. I can definitely agree with some of these, but I’m still not convinced that these two brands are all that similar.

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6. Google Facts: Some interesting facts about Google, its market share, and its competition.

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7. Implications of OpenID: A nice little presentation that explains, in very simple terms, what OpenID is and why it’s useful.

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8. OpenSocial- A standard for the Social Web: Just like OpenID, OpenSocial is one of those terms that are basically simple and yet confusing when it comes to its implementation. This slideshow does a good job at explaining it.

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9. Google Adword- A kickstart course: Starting out with AdWords? Check out this presentation which explains the basics and throws some tips and tricks into the mix, too.

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10. Google Health: A slightly informal tour of Google Health. Bear in mind that at the time when this presentation was created, Google Health was still in its very early stage.

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11. Google PageRank: It basically deals with how page ranking algorithm of Google works.

I hope these 11 slideshows suffices your knowledge quest to know more about Google. If you’ve anything interesting to share about the same, do drop me a mail or just comment below. Will add it to the list.

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